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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ font_font=”Palatino” font_color=”%23575757″ top_padding=”15″]One of the most important things when it comes to new products is “trying” it out for yourself.

I want to challenge you to confront those difficult gut issues in your most difficult patients with Enterosgel.

There are so many medications, herbals remedies, and therapies that can aid gut complaints. And no matter which care regime you professionally recommend, drug-free Enterosgel may be the complementary solution you’ve been looking for to get your difficult cases back to better health. Observe the results in your patients for yourself.  Due to Enterosgel’s hydrophobic nature it isn’t absorbed through the mucosa of the gut so it can’t enter the body.  So, you needn’t worry about it conflicting with your established treatment protocols; making Enterosgel an ideal adjunct to your already trusted care plans.

For enhanced treatment outcomes, put drug-free enterosorbent Enterosgel to work in the gut to adsorb the pathogenic and toxic irritants while medication and other remedies you’ve prescribed carry out their desired actions in your patients bodies.  Its simply an integrative approach to care.[/text_block]

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Don’t Listen to me, Please read the Case Studies

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  • How Four School Aged Little Girls made it to their Christmas Concert after getting a really awful Stomach Bug
  • Why a middle aged woman uses Enterosgel on a weekly basis and takes it with her everywhere.
  • How older-aged, gentle stomachs can prevent embarrassing situations with spicy food by taking Enterosgel.
  • Plus many more situations you wouldn’t even think of!


Read the Case Studies

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Meet Susan Walker, Director,EnterosOz

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_font=”Palatino”]Hi, I’m Susan Walker, Managing Director of EnterosOZ, Clinical Division. I’m a practicing Chiropractic Doctor with more than 15 years experience with patient care, a decade of owning and operating a busy multipractitioner clinic and since 2009 I have taught seminars across Australia and have lectured internationally.

In my Brisbane Clinic, it became routine to have patients visit me complaining of gut problems.  They were gassy, had distended stomachs, some had intermittent diarrhoea, some had stool samples that were positive for the wrong types of gut flora.  It was a very common complaint to hear.

In fact, according to the Gut Foundation of Australia, half of the population will complain of some gut problem this year, and one in five of us will be diagnosed with some form of intestinal syndrome, such as IBS and diarrhoea.[/text_block]

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